Do Dogs Sleep More On Rainy Days? [Reality or Myth]

Do Dogs Sleep More On Rainy Days

Rainy days can bring comfort and relaxation for many of us, and our furry friends may feel the same way. The question do dogs sleep more on rainy days? is common among pet owners, and the answer may surprise you.

Many dogs tend to sleep more on rainy days for various reasons such as comfort, reduced activity, changes in light and sound, and reduced stimulation. However, not all. It depends on the individual dog and its breed, age, health, and personality.

This blog post will explore why dogs sleep more on rainy days and what pet owners can do to ensure their dogs get enough rest and exercise.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of Dogs sleep more on rainy days than Usual.
  • Some canines rest less when it rains due to stress and anxiety.
  • Usually, dogs don’t like rainy weather; however, some enjoy playing in the rain.
  • Don’t let your pet stay more than 15 mins in the winter rain.
  • Ensure your furry friend’s comfort and good health in extreme weather.

Do dogs sleep more on rainy days?

About 80% of dog owners believe that their dogs sleep more in rainy weather than on regular days. In our research, we concluded that it depends on the individual pet. Many dogs tend to sleep more on rainy days; however, some may rest less when its rains.

It’s important to remember that while canines sleep more on rainy days, it’s not a universal rule.

Some puppies may become restless and agitated due to the changes in their environment, while others may sleep just as much as they usually do.

Every Puppy is different, and their sleep patterns will depend on various factors, including their age, breed, health, and personality.

Many factors may affect the dog sleeping schedule of your puppy. One of the most common is the weather factor. You will notice a change in your pet’s behavior and rest schedule as the weather changes.

dog sleeping in dog bed

Does rainy weather make dogs sleepy?

Yes, Rainy weather can make dogs sleepy. Some factors that make a dog sleep in the rain more than usual are comfort, reduced activity, changes in light and sound, fear of thunder and reduced stimulation.

However, not all canines like to sleep more. Some may become restless during rainy weather.

Why Do Dogs Sleep More When it Rains?

  1. Comfort: Dogs prefer to stay in a warm and cozy place when it’s raining, which often leads to more sleep. They may curl up in their bed or blanket and doze off for longer.
  2. Reduced activity: Rainy days often lead to decreased outdoor activities for dogs, which may result in more rest and sleep. This is especially true for older dogs or dogs with joint pain who prefer to avoid wet and slippery surfaces.
  3. Changes in light and sound: Rain can cause changes in lighting and sound that can affect a dog’s sleep patterns. For example, a decrease in light exposure may signal to a dog’s internal clock that it’s time to sleep, and the sound of raindrops can help create a calming and relaxing environment.
  4. Reduced stimulation: Rain can reduce the amount of stimulation dogs receive from their environment, leading to a more relaxed state and increased sleep. For example, if a dog is used to playing in the park with other dogs on sunny days, the absence of those activities limit to dog house on a rainy day can result in more rest.

Is rain bad for dogs?

Winter rain is considered a danger for dogs as compared to summer rain. Some dogs enjoy Rainy weather; however, the majority feel stress.

Rainy weather strongly affects a dog’s mood and can bring various challenges, such as slippery surfaces, muddy paws and puddles, health issues such as seasonal affective disorder and poor grooming rituals.

Also, it’s crucial to ensure your dog stays dry and protected from the elements, especially if it has a short or thin coat.

is rain bad for dogs?

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can dogs sleep outside in the rain?

Dogs should not sleep outside in the rain without proper protection and shelter. It’s essential to seek shelter and keep them dry and safe from the elements.

There are several risks associated with dogs sleeping in the rain, including:

  • Hypothermia: If a dog gets wet for a long time, it can lose body heat and become hypothermic.
  • Pneumonia: A damp and cold environment can cause respiratory systems problems and increase the risk of pneumonia.
  • Skin Irritation: Prolonged exposure to rain and cold can cause skin irritation and infections.
  • Arthritis: Dogs with joint problems (Arthritis) may experience pain and discomfort from exposure to dampness and cold.


Do dogs like rain sounds?

No, dogs usually feel uncomfortable when they hear rain sounds. The sound of rain affects the dog’s mode and can lead to anxiety, restlessness and excessive barking and growling.

Rain, along with thunderstorms and lightning, is a risk factor for your furry friend and can lead them to permanent anxiety and stress. Extreme weather also affects the potty break.

Does rain hurt dogs ears?

The rain itself does not typically hurt a dog’s ears. However, thunderstorm sounds can cause complications. Rain can make a dog’s ears and paws wet, which can cause irritation or infections if not properly dried and cleaned.

How long can dogs be in the rain?

dogs in rain with owner

Never left a dog more than 10-15 min in the rain. Most dogs often find nearby shelters by themselves to prevent form rain. However, if you plan to enjoy yourself with your puppy in hot weather rain, don’t play too long. Cold weather and rain affect the dog’s health adversely.


Do dogs sleep more on rainy days? Some dogs may sleep more on rainy days, but it does not apply to all canines. Some puppies sleep less than usual when it’s raining. Pet owners should keep a close eye on their furry friend’s sleep patterns and behaviors and ensure they get enough rest and exercise, regardless of the weather.

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