What Do Baby Mollies Eat? 7 Super Foods For Fry


Mollies are a type of fish that is widely available in pet stores. They come in many different colors, and people often choose them because they are so colorful. However, before you buy a molly, it’s important to know What Do Baby Mollies Eat?

This post will explain what fry mollies eat and how to care for them. Keep Reading and if you have any question let us know in the comment section below.

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    What Do Baby Mollies Eat?

    Baby mollies are omnivores they will eat both plant and animal matter. The recommend foods for baby mollies are newly hatched brine shrimp, blood worms, insects larvae, baby fish food, crustaceans, regular fish flakes and crushed finely.

    What Do Baby Mollies Eat

    In the wild, fry mollies often eat algae, small insects, and crustaceans. However, in captivity, they can be fed a variety of foods, including the recommended pellets, flakes, and live food.

    It’s important to feed your molly a varied diet to ensure that they get all the nutrients they need. A good rule of thumb is to offer them a mix of 50% plant-based food and 50% animal-based food.

    This can be accomplished by feeding them recommended pellets or flakes as well as live or frozen foods.

    How do you take care of a fry Molly?

    To take care of a fry Molly, you will need to give her clean water to drink, feed her high-quality pellets or flakes, and provide her with a safe place to swim.

    You should also perform regular water changes to keep the tank clean and healthy.

    When do Molly Fry get their color?

    Molly fry will usually start to develop color within a few weeks after birth. However, it can take up to 3 months for them to reach their full coloration.

    Do Baby Molly fish need Oxygen?

    Yes, All fish need oxygen to survive, including baby Molly fish. Oxygen is typically dissolved in water, so as long as there is a sufficient amount of water for the fish to swim in, they should be fine.

    However, you may want to consider adding an air stone or bubbler to the tank to help aerate the water and ensure that the fry have enough oxygen.

    How often do Mollies have babies?

    Mollies typically have babies every 30-40 days. However, this can vary depending on the individual fish and the conditions of the tank.

    How big do Baby Mollies get?

    baby mollies

    Molly fish typically grow to be 4.5 inches in length. Female molly  grow bigger than male mollies. However, some specimens may reach up to 6 inches in length.

    Baby Molly fish will grow to their full size within a few months. However, they can continue to grow and fill out for up to a year.

    How many Mollies should be kept together?

    Mollies are social creatures and do best when kept in groups. A minimum of 3 mollies should be kept together, but 5-6 is ideal. This allows them to form a hierarchy and establish their place in the group.

    Do all Baby Mollies survive?

    No, not all baby Molly fish survive. However, the survival rate is typically high if the fry are healthy and the tank is well-maintained.

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